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Benchtop Piston Filling Machine for High Viscous Liquids

Moq:1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 200 sets/ month
Loading Port: Shanghai/ Qingdao Port
Description: small size,wide range of applications

Features Our viscous liquid filling machines are designed to work with many raw material of high viscosity, including industrial and cosmetic liquids. We can customize equipment configurations and setup depending on your factory space requirements and other factors.
Viscous Liquid Filling Machine Application:
Shampoos, Shower gel, lotions, liquid soap, oils, dish washing liquid detergent, honey, syrups, beverages, pharmaceutical & chemical liquids, and other high and low viscosity products.
Packaging Samples
How Does Piston Filling Machine Work?
Piston Filling Machine uses a volumetric filling principle. The piston draws back, allowing a predetermined amount of product from the supply system to enter the piston chamber.  This same amount of product is then pushed out of the piston and dispensed through the fill head into the waiting container.  

Piston Filling Machine Features:
☆ All 316L stainless steel sanitary tri-clamp connections, connection "T's", product cylinder, and contact parts.
☆ The machine is semi-automatic piston type with reasonable design, compact model and convenient operation.
☆ The filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the filling accuracy is high.
☆ The filling head adopts anti-drip, anti-drawing and lifting filling devices.
☆ This viscous liquid filling machine can be retrofitted into a multi-head, explosion-proof, overflow filling system.
Liquid Filling Machines
Technical Data
Model Machine Size(mm) Weight(kg) Voltage
LG-GC300Y 900*420*350 25 200-250V 50HZ/60Hz
LG-GC500Y 1080*410*350 30 200-250V 50HZ/60Hz
LG-GC1000Y 1080*410*350 32 200-250V 50HZ/60Hz
LG-GC2000Y 1200*370*380 35 200-250V 50HZ/60Hz



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