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Automatic Mustard Oil Filling Machine

Automatic Mustard Oil Bottle Filling And Packing Machine Price

Moq:1 set Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 100sets/month
Loading Port: Qingdao/Shanghai Port
Description:Automatic mustard oil filling and packing machine is widely used in the packaging line of pharmaceutical, food, pesticide and other industries.

Features Automatic mustard oil filling and packing machine is widely used in the packaging line of pharmaceutical, food, pesticide and other industries.
Automatic Mustard Oil Filling Machine
This automatic mustard oil filling machine adopts PLC programmable control, equipped with 5.7 inch touch screen, man-machine interface system, filling volume, filling speed and other parameter can be adjusted on the touch screen, simple and convenient. The filling principle adopts the constant pressure, negative pressure type fixed channel parameter control to realize different filling capacity. The filling structure is simple and easy to adjust. Big bottle and small bottle are universal, no equipment needs to be changed when replace the filling bottle, only the parameters need to be changed.
This mustard oil bottle packing machine is automatic quantitative filling machine, suitable for paste and liquid filling operation, mechanical linear motion is adopted in the design, the purpose of automatic control is achieved by using PLC logic controller and various detection induction devices and cylinder recharging and discharging, machine materials using 304 stainless steel, aluminum alloy frame, which completely accords with GMP standard. The equipment is easy to operate and can fill a large number of raw materials in a short time.
Mustard Oil Bottle Packing Machine Working Principle:
The measuring cylinder of the filling machine is connected with the filling head separately. Through the reciprocating movement of the main oil cylinder, quantitative liquid, semi-fluid and paste are inhaled and then injected into the bottle. In the process of filling, in order to speed up the filling speed but won't cause the liquid overflow, when filling to 90% of the bottle, the machine will open a concatenated into the pathway of the throttle valve automatically, reduce the injection rate, completion of filling, the filling head moves up quickly, send the bottle by the conveyor belt, then complete capping, labeling and other processes.
Automatic Mustard Oil Filling Machine Features:
1. Designed the two-stage filling head to improve the filling precision.
2. Stainless steel design is adopted for contact with raw materials.
3. Easy to operate and learn.
4. Interlock control of various operating processes ensures safety.
5. Unique drip cup design can reduce drip leakage effectively.
6. The unique air collector hood design can effectively reduce the environmental pollution caused by exhaust gas.
7. The instrument has up to 10 different weight setting and storage functions.
8. Quick connection is adopted for filling head and pipeline connection to facilitate quick cleaning and replacement.
9. This mustard oil packing machine has different models, and different model with different price, the filling head has 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, and can customize according to customer’s requirement.
Mustard Oil Bottle Filling Machine
Technical Data
Model YT6G
Filling Nozzle 6
Capacity 20-60bottles/min
Filling Accuracy ≦±1﹪
Voltage 380V 50Hz
Electric Current 3A
Power 500W
Atmospheric Pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Filling Capacity 100-1000ml



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