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Water Filling And Capping Machine
Industrial Bottle Filling Machine
Water Bottle Filling Machine Manufacturers

Industrial Water Bottle Filling And Capping Machine Manufacturers

Moq:1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 200 sets/ month
Loading Port: Shanghai/ Qingdao Port
Description:This machine is fully automatic liquid filling machine, suitable for filling all kinds of liquid with good fluidity.

Features Our company is China's leading packaging machinery supplier, is a professional water bottle filling machine manufacturer. Adhering to the concept of creating value for users, we constantly innovate, develop and improve the performance of the industrial bottle filling machine, and our machines have been exported to Europe, America, Middle East, southeast Asia and other regions.
The industrial bottle filling machine uses the computer control, installs conveniently, the operation is simple, the suitable bottle type is many, because uses the computer control, the filling accuracy, the accuracy reaches 0.2%. The water filling and capping machine is mainly used for filling liquid:alcohol, chemical, soy sauce, vinegar, wine, antifreeze liquid filling.

automatic liquid filling machine
Industrial Bottle Filling Machine Features:
1. This machine is suitable for filling all kinds of liquid with good fluidity.
2. The model is equipped with touch screen, can link variable frequency adjustable speed conveyor belt, automatic induction type capping machine, true air defense leakage.
3. The use of high-strength stainless steel frame, easy disassembly, easy to clean, in line with GMP requirements.
4. Man-machine interface, directly set the filling volume and filling speed adjustment simple, by touch screen operation and display, pleasing in appearance.
5. PLC program control, linear filling.
6. Mechanical seal plus automatic suction double prevent dripping.

Water Bottle Filling Sample
Water Filing And Capping Machine Advantages:
1. Control system - adopts PLC control system, and the filling dose is adjusted randomly.
2. Operation interface - 5.6-inch color screen, simple, safe and reliable man-machine interface.
3. Function improvement - the device is equipped with drip - proof equipment, which can be used for submerged filling according to material characteristics. (this feature is optional)
4. Real-time alarm - automatic alarm in case of failure and automatic shutdown in case of major failure.
5. Electrical components - all adopt international well-known brands to ensure the safety, reliability and high accuracy of industrial bottle filling machine.
6. Mechanical parts - high quality 316 stainless steel and non-toxic corrosion-resistant tetrafluorohoses are used in contact with materials. Other machine parts are made of high quality 304 stainless steel.
7. Count detection - real time count, direct reflection of work output.

Bottle Filling Machine Video:
Technical Data
Model LGP-12
Filling quotas 12(can be customized)
Bottle Height 120-330mm
Filling Range 150-5000 ml
Filling accuracy ±1%
Capacity 300-1300 bottles/h
Weight 400 kg
Filling capacity 1000-10000 mm



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