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Dog Food Packing Machine
Pet Food Packing Machine

Bulk Pet Food Packaging Machine For Dog Food

Moq:1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 200 sets/ month
Loading Port: Shanghai/ Qingdao Port
Description:It realizes the manual bagging, automatic weighing and measurement, automatic filling, and automatic bag sealing.


The pet food packaging machine effectively improve production efficiency, enhance the level of automation technology of the enterprise, and realize one-person bagging. New automatic technology products that all other actions are completed automatically, it has played an excellent role in reducing staff and increasing efficiency in enterprises. The cost of vertical dog food pouch filling machine has been greatly reduced.
Pet Food Packaging Machine Function:
It realizes the manual bagging, automatic weighing and measurement, automatic filling, and automatic bag sealing.
Pet Food Filling Machine Video:

Pet Food Packaging Machine Scope Of Application:
The dog food packing machine is suitable for petrochemical, chemical fertilizer, feed, building materials, grain and other industries. Customize different feeding mechanisms according to the physical characteristics of different materials (such as water content, viscosity, material fineness, discharge temperature, dust size, material shape, etc.). In addition, according to the feed viscosity and the degree of agglomeration to determine whether to add air hammer or vibration mechanism, stirring mechanism.
Pet Food Packing Machine

Dog Food Packaging Machine Features:
1. Manual bagging, automatic clamp bag, weighing and metering, automatic transfer, automatic sealing and conveying.
2. PLC programmable controller is selected for centralized control with high reliability.
3. The weighing part adopts torrido sensor, intelligent instrument, more accurate, faster and more stable.
4. Automatic control of the work process of the entire production line through the intelligent program can realize continuous operation.
5. The dog food packaging machine can be equipped with a communication interface according to the user's needs to realize real-time monitoring, remote diagnosis and network management.
6. Polish over 200 mesh of the material contact part to ensure smooth flow of materials.
7. The imported ds-9c series of sewing machine is selected for fast speed and good stability, with function of fault alarm, display and automatic stop.
8. The control cabinet of dog packaging machine is equipped with an touch screen. Finger touch screen can be quickly operated, and the display screen has fault display and online help system.
9. Cylinder, solenoid valve and PLC are imported, with good reliability, high precision and long life.

Technical Data
Model LG-2 LG-A LG-B
Voltage 220v 220v 220v/50hz
Power 0.05kw 0.05kw 0.1kw
Packing Speed 10-25bag/min 7-20bag/min 10-30bag/min
Weight 20kg 44kg 57.5kg
Dimension 450*350*700mm 410*510*1420mm 500*580*1300mm
Bucket Size H:30CM      L:30CM H:40CM      L:40CM H:40cm      L:40cm
Packing weight 2-99.9g 20-500g 100-1000g
Accuracy 0-0.2g 0-0.2g 0-2g
Note:The packing weight can be customized.the machine do not have the function of sealing.



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