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China Granule Packing Machine
Semi Automatic Granule Packing Machine

Buy Semi Automatic Granule Packing Machine In China

Moq:1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 200 sets/ month
Loading Port: Shanghai/ Qingdao Port
Description:Pack wheat,corns,barley,and other grain particles,it can also pack buttons,tea,seeds and so on.

Features The semi automatic granule packing machine is suitable for packing materials with good mobility such as: washing powder, dry seasoning, seeds, salt, feed, rice, coffee bean, monosodium glutamate, sugar, etc.
The semi automatic granule packing machine is composed of hopper, vibrating feeder, weighing device and door opening mechanism. Suitable for weighing bulk materials, manual bagging is required, the load sensor is used for weighing, and its performance is reliable. All stainless steel seal body, with anti-corrosion, dustproof function, infrared ray induction feeding can effectively promote quantitative accuracy.
 Granule Packing Machine Features
Semi Automatic Granule Packing Machine Features:

1. High precision, fast speed, long life, good stability, artificial bagging, automatic measurement.
2. It is not limited by the packaging container and is suitable for the occasions where the material variety and packaging specification often change.
3. The semi automatic granule packing machine is designed for vibration feeding and electronic platform weighing, and it overcomes the shortcoming of measurement error caused by the change of material specific gravity.
4. The digital display is simple and intuitionistic, the packing specification is continuously adjustable, the working state changes arbitrarily, the operation is very simple.
5. For the easily produced dust materials in the bag mouth can be equipped with our company's independent design of dust cleaning interface or vacuum device.
6. The two scales feed in turn can also feed in parallel.
 Granule Packing Machine Hopper
As people's spending power grows stronger and stronger, the demand for commodities is also growing, products with perfect packaging will also win higher sales, the semi automatic granule packing machine has relieved many packaging enterprises of their difficulties, it promotes the development of packaging industry and brings a lot of convenience to People's Daily life.
The granule packing machine made in China has high value in food, medicine and chemical industry, and there is a great demand for this machine in the market. To meet the needs of different customers, we are constantly innovating. Our machines have been well received by our customers, a long term relationship with many clients.
If you want to buy granule packing machine, please contact us for free. Although our factory is in China, but we can ship the machine to anywhere you required. This machine can equipped with sealing machine.
Technical Data
Measurement Methods Weighing type
Feeding Way Two-stage vibrating blanking
Power 500W
Packaging Specifications 100-2500g
Deviation 1% when ≦500g
Packing Speed 700-2000 Bags/hour
Weight 200kg
Dimensions 720×720×1900mm



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