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Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine Troubleshooting

By:Sherry         Date:November-25-17

Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine Troubleshootin
Automatic v
acuum packing machine
 to plastic composite film or plastic foil composite film for packaging materials, a variety of instruments and medicines, food, fruits, vegetables, preserved fruits, aquatic products. Whether it is solid, powder or liquid can be vacuum heat sealing packaging.Because the bag of high degree of vacuum, which can effectively prevent lipid oxidation and aerobic bacteria caused by the proliferation of goods and spoilage, to shelf life, preservation, taste and color retention, extend the shelf life of products, at the same time for some soft items, after vacuum packaging to reduce the packaging volume, ease of transport and storage.But in the course of the process will also encounter some problems:
1. Low vacuum
This situation is not conducive to food preservation, for which we need to clean the vacuum pump, replace the new vacuum pump oil, clean or replace the exhaust filter, if there is leakage phenomenon, after the vacuum, turn off the power, check the solenoid valve, Pipe joints, vacuum pump suction valve and the chamber around the gasket with or without leakage phenomenon.
2. Noisy
This situation is very detrimental to our work environment, if the vacuum pump shaft wear or rupture, to be replaced immediately; check the solenoid valve leaks and excluded, but also to check the exhaust filter plugging or the installation location is correct.


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