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Chinese Flow Wrapping Machine Manufacturer

By:Sherry         Date:June-05-18

As a flow wrapping machine manufacturer in China, we produce different models of flow wrapping machine, the machine is also called horizontal packing machine, can be used for candy, biscuit, fruit, vegetable and so on. The flow wrapping machine made in our company with following advantages:
1. Man-machine interface, parameter setting convenient and quick.
2. High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracking, digital input sealing position, so that the sealing position more accurate.
3. Stop positioning function, do not stick knife, do not waste the envelope.
4. Transmission system is simple, more reliable, more convenient maintenance.
5. All control by the software to facilitate functional adjustments and technical upgrades.
6. Fault self-diagnosis function, fault display is clear and easy to see.
7. Temperature independent PID control, better for a variety of packaging materials.
Flow wrapping machine scope of application:
For biscuits, pie, chocolate, bread, instant noodles, moon cakes, medicines, daily necessities, industrial parts, cartons or trays and other regular objects packaging.
This wrapping machine can also be configured with code machine, straight round in the seal, anilox sealing mold, large touch screen. And although we are a flow wrapping machine in China, but we can transport the machine to any countries you specified. So please don’t worry whether we can send the machine to you.

Flow Wrapping Machine Manufacturer


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