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Unique Ways to Wrap Perfume

By:Sherry         Date:March-24-18

Unique Ways to Wrap Perfume
Perfume is not necessities of life, but its mission to beautify life makes it a huge business opportunity, and there are a lot of kinds of perfume. Perfume's "fashion" and "cultural" are usually what we call taste. How to embody the taste of perfume, in addition to product advertising and product display, packaging is a very important link. Beautiful packaging can not only directly stimulate the consumer's senses, but also can improve the taste of products. Therefore, packaging as a product of the "coat", not only has the protection function, but also must have to attract purchase, guide the role of consumption.
Consumer's way of buying behavior:
Perfume's advertising costs generally account for 10% to 20% of its sales, some up to 25% or even 30%, but manufacturers cannot advertise every product. Therefore, the packaging of goods becomes a very persuasive salesman.
From the perspective of consumer psychology, the process of consumer buying behavior has the following forms: 
(1) AIDMA rule: Attention--generating interest--generating needs--enhancing memory--leads to purchase
(2) AIDCA rule: Attention--perception stage, interest--exploration stage, desire--evaluation stage, conviction--decision stage, purchase--action phase.
(3) AIDAS rule: note--interest--desire--purchase--satisfaction.
These manifestations have one thing in common, that is, only the perfume itself has aroused the attention of consumers, will occur after a series of actions. According to human eye activity research shows that people respond to color the fastest. The strength of the packaging depends on how to reconcile the contrast, make it lively and eye-catching in the store, buy home soft but not dazzling. When the consumer is attracted to perfume before the advertisement, the packaging design of the product will fail if it can't arouse the customers ' interest.
Therefore, in order to attract customers, many manufacturers spent a lot of money on packaging design , but a good box also needs good protection, if exposure in the air for a long time, will affect the color of the box, so many manufacturers choose to use perfume cellophane wrapping machine to wrap BOPP film, using this unique ways to wrap perfume, played a waterproof, moistureproof, anti-fouling role.
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