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Small Scale Soda Bottling Equipment

By:Sherry         Date:March-23-18

small scale soda bottling equipment
The small scale soda bottling equipment can complete metering, filling and transmission. It is made up of metering machine, chain conveyor belt and positioning device, and can be composed of automatic canning assembly line, including machine, capping machine and labeling machine. Suitable for all kinds of liquid or good fluidity of paste.For example: liquor, vodka, whisky, vinegar and other products.
Small Scale Soda Bottling Equipment Features:
1. In line with GMP standards and food hygiene certification, the machine is made of stainless steel (customizable 316L material).
2. Can be configured according to the security needs, the complete seal glass protective cover.
3. The use of computer touch screen, PLC control, work stability, anti-interference, easy to operate, long life and other advantages.
4. Servo motor drive, with the advantages of accurate positioning, high precision, fast speed, adjustable speed and good stability.
5. Maintenance-free deceleration motor, low noise, long life, life-long maintenance-free.
6. Designed to weigh the weight of the tracking type, to overcome the change due to the weight of the material changes in the size of the packaging of the shortcomings.
7. Working parameter formula can be stored, up to 10 sets of working parameters can be stored. 8. Chain conveyor belt transport packaging containers, spiral distribution positioning, high degree of automation.
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