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Triangle Bag Tea Packing Machine Advantages

By:Sherry         Date:November-17-17

Triangle bag tea packing machine advantages
With consumers' requirements for food safety getting higher and higher, people are demanding higher and higher requirements on tea packaging. They not only taste good but also clean, safe and pollution-free. The following to understand the triangle bag tea packaging machine four advantages:

1. Compact size, automatic triangle bags of tea packaging machine conventional film width 140mm, 160mm, 180mm,the mechanism is more complicated, cutting off by ultrasonic sealing. Display and adjustment devices are touch-screen digital display and can be set arbitrary standard push parts, both beautiful and easy to operate.
2. Fast response, the use of servo motor pull film, packaging capacity of 55 bags / min.
3. High reliability,packaging machine load rate is generally very high, often in high-speed operation conditions, and some pyramid tea packaging machine but also in high temperature, high dust, high temperature and other harsh environments long-term work, even to withstand water washing, etc. . Therefore, the sensor installed in the work site must be very reliable and adaptable, and the adjusting device should have high anti-interference ability.
4. High measurement accuracy, measurement accuracy affects the credibility of the goods and packaging costs.


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