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Cigarette Box Wrapping Machine Youtube

By:Sherry         Date:March-05-18

Can you send me a youtube video about your cigarette box wrapping machine?Many customer ask this.Of course,you are our customer,so we will meet all your needs. But because there are many machine models, different models with different operation video, so when the customer needs video, we will ask the customer what does they want to pack first, the size of the box? Only when we understand the needs of our customers can we send the right video so that we can save time for our customers. So here, we first release a semi-automatic cigarette box wrapping machine youtube video, so that more customers understand our machine.
The cigarette box wrapping machine features:
1. Semi-automatic cigarette box wrapping machine adopts instantaneous sealing technology, which has no effect on drugs and heat-sensitive products. But the machine needs to be coated manually.
2. Stable and reliable operation, stable performance.
3. Simple structure, easy to use, operate and maintain.
4. The replacement of a small number of components can be packaged in different sizes (long, wide, high) box-type objects.
5. Packaging materials can be used Bopp, the material non-toxic, stable molecular structure, the smell and water has a certain barrier function, it is the ideal cigarette packaging materials.

If you interested in automatic ,please visit automatic cigarette box wrapping machine or contact:


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