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Automatic Microwave Popcorn Packing Machine Manufacturer

By:Sherry         Date:May-17-18

Popcorn is a very popular snacks in the world, and microwave popcorn is convenient for many home, so when you process microwave popcorn, you many need a automatic popcorn packing machine, as a microwave popcorn packing machine manufacturer, the machines provided by our company have the following features:
The microwave popcorn packing machine not only can be packaged microwave popcorn, but also can be packaged cooked popcorn, and can also pack candy, peanuts, melon seeds, seeds, etc.
1. Bag shape: The bag can be made according to customer needs, pillow-shaped bags, vertical bags.
2. Low input, high return, fast and efficient.
3.PLC computer control system, man-machine interface, large display touch screen, simple operation method.
4. Horizontal seal pneumatic control, accurate positioning, excellent performance.
5. Maximize the reliability of the machine and the degree of intelligence.
6. The packing machine and other ancillary devices can be used together to complete the feeding, bag making, filling, date printing, inflatable (exhaust), counting, output  automatically.
7. Optional device: Double-pull membrane mechanism, gusseted mechanism, automatic rectifying mechanism, punching device.
Automatic popcorn packing machine roles:
1. Can ensure the quality of packaging effectively, according to the needs of the form, size, to obtain uniform specifications of packaging, and manual packaging is not guaranteed.
2. Packaging machine can make the packaging standardized, standardization, meet the requirements of collection packaging.
3. Can reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions. Can increase labor productivity, The popcorn packing machine's packaging speed is dozens of times the manual packaging.
4. Can ensure the health of popcorn effectively.  Use the packaging machine to avoid the hands and popcorn contact, to ensure the health of the popcorn.
Our company is automatic popcorn packing machine manufacturer, if you have any demand, please contact us for free:
Microwave Popcorn Packing Machine Manufacturer


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