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Semi Automatic Manual Bottle Filling Equipment For Oil

By:Sherry         Date:May-23-18

The manual bottle filling equipment is the newly developed oil bottle packing machine of our company, which is improved by reference to advanced filling machine technology at home and abroad, with high precision and simple operation, can also fill liquid materials such as lubricating oil.
Scope of application:
Lubricating oil, lubricating grease, hydraulic oil, edible oil and other liquid raw materials.
Semi automatic oil filling machine
1. The machine is mainly composed of magnetic cylinder, oil cylinder and electrical control components, the structure is simple, accounting for small ground.
2. The semi-automatic oil filling machine is easy to operate and is more user-friendly.
3. The filling tube is equipped with a special plugging device, which eliminates the drip phenomenon effectively when filling viscous liquids.
4. Cylinder piston and cylinder body are made of PTFE and stainless steel materials, filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, high filling accuracy.
5. Use food-grade corrosion-resistant stainless steel production, elegant appearance.
There are many manual bottle filling equipment on the market, but the machine produced by different manufacturers with different performance characteristics, the use is also different, if you need to buy semi automatic oil filling machine, you need to consider prices, quality, performance, after-sales service and other factors, if the conditions permit, you can go to the scene to see the operation of the manual bottle filling machine, and then choose the most suitable machine for yourself. But you must not only listen to the manufacturer's description of the machine directly to buy.
Manual Bottle Filling Equipment


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