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Mustard Oil Filling Machine For Pet Bottle

By:Sherry         Date:June-29-18

Does your mustard oil filling machine only used for pet bottle? Some customer ask this question. This mustard oil filling machine can fill the oil into pet bottle, glass bottles and other bottle you requirement, the machine has no requirement on the material of the bottle, only the size of the bottle. And a machine can fill bottles of different capacity (not exceeding the filling range of this model).
And this automatic mustard oil filling machine is suitable for filling liquid products with different viscosity and is widely used in seasoning, food, medicine, grease and other industries. The main components of the machine include: piston filling system, variable frequency speed control conveyor belt, high strength stainless steel frame, high level material trough, touch screen operating panel, etc. Special anti - leakage filling head, can ensure no leakage during filling(whether you fill it in pet bottle, glass bottle), and equipped with lifting filling mechanism, the filling head into the mouth of the bottle before filling.
1. This series of machines is easy to maintain, and no special tools are required for disassembly and washing, convenient adjustment and accurate filling. Meanwhile, functions such as counting and online cleaning are provided in the program.
2. Strict material selection, made of 316L high quality stainless steel.
3. The piston quantitative method driven by high-precision quantitative cylinder body and pneumatic components is adopted, with high filling accuracy and stability.
4. Intelligent control. Liquid level will automatically alarm when abnormal, over-limit alarm will stop automatically, and photoelectric inspection will not fill when there is no bottle missing.
5. Humanized program design, automatic fault detection prompt, and output counting function.
6. Safe design, separate electrical and gas control box design independently.
7. The hose adopts food-grade steel wire reinforcing pipe and food-grade sealing piece (made of fluorinated rubber), the piston adopts PP material, and the whole machine and pipeline conform to the GMP standard.
8. Complete equipment supporting materials (including equipment structure, principle, operation, maintenance, upgrade, etc.) provide sufficient guarantee for the normal operation of the machine.
9. This mustard oil filling machine mainly for pet bottle, glass bottle, etc.

Mustard Oil Pet Bottle Filling Machine


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