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Do You Buy Chips Packing Machine Alibaba?

By:Sherry         Date:July-02-18

Alibaba is an international online shopping platform, so many people buy chips packing machine on Alibaba, but some people like buying chips packing machine by manufacturer website. As a manufacturer, we can’t make sure which method is better for you, but i want to introduce you our company.
Our company specializes in the development, design, manufacture and sales of automatic chips packing machine. With advanced technology, sophisticated processing, strict manufacturing quality and perfect after-sales service to win the majority of customers love. The products of our company adopts advanced microcomputer technology and microelectronic technology, strong technical force, well-equipped, improving the quality of service constantly while raising the quality of products, strive to promote the rapid development of packaging industry. Our company has professional technical personnel, with environmental protection, green, energy-saving high-tech products as research projects, for the user of reliable quality packaging equipment. Our packaging machine is widely used in meat products, bean products, snack food, spices, seeds, food and other industries, has always been to "quality first, service first" business philosophy, ensure to meet customer demand.
The chips packing machine with following features:
1. Made of all stainless steel, meeting the requirements of GMP and QS specifications.
2. Advanced CPU chip is selected for the computer controller, all functions are operated by buttons and LCD display.
3. Accurate tracking, within the speed range of 20-70 bags/min, the error is within 0.5mm.
4. The computer sets the bag length, no need to change gear, no need to manually adjust the bag length.
5. Equipped with output automatic alarm function, set automatic display of packaging operating speed function.
6. The intelligent photoelectric color calibration control system is suitable for packaging materials of various materials. Different shrinkage can be adjusted to ensure the accuracy of cursor positioning.
The above is just a brief introduction to our machine, more details please contact us. And we advice you that whether you buy the chips packing machine on Alibaba or in the manufacturer, First you need to know the manufacturer, understand the machine, then compare it, and finally consider buying it.

Chips Packing Machine Alibaba


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