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Manual Cellophane Wrapping Machine

By:Sherry         Date:February-05-18

Manual Cellophane Wrapping Machine
Manual cellophane wrapping machine
 and automatic cellophane wrapping machine compared to different degrees of automation, manual cellophane wrapping machine is relatively low degree of automation, you need to wrap film and heat sealing by hand. However, the packaging range of this machine is wider than the automatic cellophane packaging machine. One machine can pack  different sizes of the boxes, and the investment cost is relatively low, which is suitable for small business.
Machine features:
1.Manual cellophane wrapping machine is suitable materials for cellophane, PVC and BOPP film, the different specifications of the square box, three-dimensional packaging items. The film is manually wound onto the object to be wrapped, and after heat-sealing, both ends of the film are sealed by a machine. The package size is adjustable and the heat-sealing temperature is adjustable.
2. Use new high-power transmission mechanism, the main drive shaft driven by the chain, eliminating the other gear transmission error and noise.
3. In accordance with customer requirements, configure missing material leakage detection devices .
This semi automatic cellophane wrapping machine is suitable for the packing of various kinds of square articles such as medicine, tonic, food, cosmetics, stationery, cigarette and so on.


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