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Cellophane Cigarette Wrappers

By:Sherry         Date:February-03-18

Cellophane cigarette wrappers
Cellophane cigarette wrappers
are widely used in a variety of single-box items, and have tear tape, easy to open the packaging film, can pack medicine, health products, food, cosmetics, stationery and other products boxes.

Features of cigarette box wrapping machine:
1. The whole machine adopts electrical, pneumatic, mechanical, stable and reliable work, three cam design, is a new type of packaging machine.
2. Using high-quality parts, Seiko bearings, all the frames made of SUS 304.
3. Using frequency converter control speed, can be adjusted according to operational needs.
4. Die easy to replace, do not need to dismantle the drive chain, save time.
5. The new double protection structure, failure does not damage the machine parts.
6 one-way hand wheel to prevent counterclockwise operation, to protect the safety of workers.
7. The new double-edged knife to replace the traditional single-pole, you can extend the use of time.
8. Provide high quality packaging for small batch production with limited investment.
9. Air-driven method.
10. Temperature, sealing time and film length adjustment by touch display.
11. Machine settings can be stored in the PLC.


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