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Liquid Filling Machine Working Principle

By:Sherry         Date:February-10-20

What is the liquid filling machine working principle? Different liquid filling machines work differently, we will list a few below.
1. Atmospheric filling machine
The material is loaded into the packaging container by its own weight under normal pressure, and is only suitable for filling low viscosity, gas-free liquid products such as wine, vinegar, soy sauce, etc.
 manual liquid filling machine
2. Negative pressure filling machine
The packaging container is first pumped to a negative pressure, and then the material is filled into the packaging container. There are two types of negative pressure filling machines, one is the positive pressure of the storage tank, the negative pressure of the packaging container, and the pressure difference is used for filling. Another type of storage tank and packaging container is negative pressure and relies on liquid self-loading. Suitable for filling fruit drinks and chemical reagents.
3. Isobaric filling machine
Inflate the container first, make the gas pressure and liquid pressure in the container equal, and then fill. Suitable for filling carbonated drinks and gas-containing liquids such as soda, cola, beer, etc.
4. Pressure filling machine
Fill the liquid in the container with external mechanical pressure. Suitable for filling viscous materials and fluids. Such as toothpaste, ketchup, body milk, etc.
The above are the working principles of several common liquid filling machines. If you have any questions, please contact us.
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