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What Is the Bottle Filling Process?

By:Sherry         Date:February-18-20

We can see that there are many products sell on market after filling in the bottles. But do you know the bottle filling process
The bottle filling process main include bottle washing, filling, capping. All these processes are done by the bottle filling machine. And with the continuous improvement of technology, some machines can complete these three processes in one machine.
bottle filling process
Bottle washing: Bottles are manually inspected to ensure they are in good condition and no contaminants are present. Then bottles are loaded into the filling line. Warm water interior & exterior pre-wash and sanitize first. Next, the bottles are rigorously washed on the interior & exterior with food grade detergent. Finally, purified water with ozone is then used to rinse the bottles before filling.
Bottle filling: Bottles are filled under pressure with the required amount of liquid.Under normal circumstances, the filling head will gradually rise from the bottom of the bottle to prevent air bubbles during the filling process and cause liquid to flow out.
Bottle capping: Immediately after filling, a tamper proof cap is pressed on the bottle. At this point, the bottle filling process is complete. Sometimes there are processes such as labeling and boxing process. Different processes require different machines. If you have any demand, please contact us.
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