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Sold Juice Filling Machine In Pakistan

By:Sherry         Date:October-28-21

The juice filling machine is a very important tool in the juice production process. Mainly used for filling quantitative juice into bottles, high efficiency. Our Pakistan customer ordered this equipment to fill the mango juice he produced. This Pakistan customer has ordered a semi-automatic machine before, but as the output increases, he wants to buy another automatic machine.
A notable feature of the automatic filling machine is its high degree of automation, which can satisfy the enterprise's support for production capacity and work efficiency. Moreover, with the continuous R&D and innovation of filling machine manufacturers, the microcomputer technology has been integrated into the filling machine equipment to realize electromechanical integration. The filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted and set at will, and the filling accuracy is obviously improved. Moreover, the unique anti-drip filling nozzle also avoids the waste of materials, which is required by modern enterprises. It improves efficiency and saves the cost of the enterprise.
 Juice filling machine factory

1. High precision: When the calibrated volume is 500ml, the average error is ±1.5ml.
2. large capacity: The filling volume can be steplessly adjusted between 150-800 ml.
3. Wide range: It can be applied to a variety of special-shaped bottles, and it is convenient and quick to change the bottle type and adjust it.
4. No liquid loss: The bottle mouth is closed for filling, and the liquid is sprayed on the inner wall of the bottle without hops or spillage.
5. No broken bottle: Equipped with an elastic bottle holding device, which is not restricted by bottle height and shortness, and does not damage the machine.
6. Automatic protection: There is an overload clutch protection device at the bottle inlet and outlet wheel, and it will automatically shut down and alarm when abnormal conditions occur.
7. Self-control liquid level: The liquid level control adopts a floating ball liquid level control device to control the liquid level to be stable.
8. Electric adjustment: Motorized synchronous continuous stepless adjustment of quantification, accurate display of LCD digital display.
9. Soft start: When the machine is turned on, the machine slowly rises from a low speed to a set speed without rigid impulse, so the bottle will not be damaged.
The emergence of automatic filling machines has increased the speed of packaging companies during filling operations, drove the increase in production, and gradually replaced traditional filling equipment. In addition, we also configured a capping machine and a labeling machine for the Pakistan customer to realize an automated packaging process.


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