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How Many Heads Are There in Juice Filling Machine?

By:Sherry         Date:September-16-21

How many heads are there in juice filling machine? According to different models, the number of filling heads is also different. There are usually the following:
1. Semi-automatic (1-2 filling heads)
This type is suitable for small capacity filling, especially for new businesses. This is a manual filling machine that requires manual assistance.
2. Automatic (2-12 filling heads)
This type is suitable for medium capacity filling. According to the customer's filling output requirements, different numbers of filling heads can be selected. The size of the bottle will also affect the choice of model.
3. Full automatic (18-24 filling heads)
This type is used for large capacity filling. Usually used in large fruit juice factories and beverage factories. The filling speed can reach 18000bottle/h.
 Types of juice filling machine
1. These machines can be used for filling liquids, pastes, sauces and other products.
2. This series of machines have compact and reasonable design, simple and beautiful appearance, and convenient filling volume adjustment.
3. Driven by an air cylinder, the filling material is faster and more accurate.
4. Made of stainless steel and anti-corrosion materials, less wearing parts, easy to clean, maintain and replace materials.
5. Convenient adjustment, no bottle no filling, accurate filling volume.
6. The height of the worktable can be adjusted, which can be applied to packaging containers of different sizes.
7. The feeding device and material recovery interface can be added to reduce waste.
According to different material status and filling conditions, the filling method is different. If it is liquid or other materials with high fluidity, filling is relatively simple and fast. But if the material is viscous, it needs to be heated to make the material fill smoothly. Different filling requirements have different requirements for equipment, usually can be divided into pressure filling, high pressure filling and vacuum filling. However, the pressure filling machine fills the volume with liquid materials; the high pressure filling machine fills under high pressure; and the vacuum filling machine fills below the atmospheric pressure of the environment.
Tell us what material you want to fill? We will suggest you a suuitable model.


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