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How To Store Spice Long Term?

By:Sherry         Date:October-16-18

How to store spice long term? For some people who do a spice business, the inability to store spices for long term has caused some problems for them.
We all know that when we cook our food, we always add some spices, these spices are made from plant stems, roots, fruits, leaves, etc, has a strong spicy or aromatic taste and contains a large amount of volatile oils, moldy easily. but if the spices are not stored well, it affects the quality of the spices. So how to store spice long term becomes very important.
 How To Store Spice Long Term
The first is storage environment:
The storage environment of spices should be cool, well ventilated and away from damp areas, keep the spices from getting mildew from dampness.
And then packaging:
There are two ways that we normally package spices, one is bagged and one is canned. Both are good ways to store spices, but they use different packaging machines.
This packing method uses the spice pouch packing machine. The machine is equipped with an intelligent temperature controller with a small temperature difference and a toothed mouth packer. Make the seal stronger. Full English display screen, clear display of work status, operation instructions, etc. Easy and direct operation. Closed structure, low noise, dust proof, especially suitable for packaging of powder materials such as spices. And adjust the packaging specifications do not need to change parts, adjust the parameters can be packaged different specifications.
Automatic Spice Pouch Packing Machine 
This packaging method adopts servo motor and PLC control system, quick filling speed and high torque, improved packaging accuracy. The machine is of reasonable structure and easy to clean up, use cans or bottles for filling, the machine will stop filling automatically if there are no or missing bottles. And you can configure the delivery system.
These ways can help you store spice long term, if you have other methods please share to us, and if you have any question, you can also contact us.


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