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How To Reseal Perfume Box?

By:Sherry         Date:October-08-18

How to reseal perfume box? We know that, after put the perfume box into the box, we need reseal the perfume box with cellophane, but how to reseal perfume box with cellophane?
Cellophane has high longitudinal strength and low transverse strength, you tear easily with a slight tear, so if manual wrapping is very difficult and slow, waste packaging materials, and the finished product is not beautiful enough. And the perfume box with angular and breaks cellophane easily, this makes manual wrapping more difficult.
 How To Reseal Perfume Box
So how to reseal perfume box efficiently and quickly, perfume box cellophane wrapping machine arises at the historic moment.
This machine depends on a series of internal CAM driving various links and components to complete the work, adopt multi-function digital display frequency stepless speed regulation, PLC programming control technology, automatic delivery, automatic counting, touch display realizes the man-machine interface, pneumatic wrap film, can be used with other production lines.
1. Our company's machines have been updated, use thickened sheets, high electrical configuration, overall design optimization.
2. Our machines have excellent performance in the industry, stable operation and perfect wrapping.
3. Our company machine function is perfect, it can work alone, you can also connect with production lines.
4. The finished packaging of the machine has a smooth and beautiful appearance, the folded film is neat and has the function of removing static electricity, the requirement to packaging film is not high, at the same time, it can carry out the packaging of photoelectric rectification color film. Collection packaging, stacking, turning boxes, full line, multiple functions in one, realize truly unmanned, intelligent and automatic.
 Auto Perfume Box Cellophane Wrapping Machine
By using the machine, you can reseal perfume box efficiently, and save money and labor, better packaging. By this machine, you will not to consider how to reseal perfume box, it will help you do this. If you have any question about the machine, and need more details, please contact us for free, we will introduce you a suitable model according to your requirement.


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