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How To Package Beef Jerky For Sale?

By:Sherry         Date:June-26-18

Now beef jerky become a very popular snack, and more and more people start make beef jerky and package for sale, but how to package beef jerky for sale?
In traditional ways, a lot of manufacturers package beef jerky by hand, they should buy stand up pouch first, then put the beef jerky into bag by hand. In this way, they will need a lot of manpower, consume a lot of labor, and generate more labor costs, so more and more manufacturers choose to use the automatic beef jerky packaging machine for this process. Because use packing machine for beef jerky with many advantages:
1. Professional digital weighing module, high precision, good stability.  
2. MCU or PLC can be selected for the control system.   
3. The touch screen interface adopts hierarchical setting of operation rights, 16 languages can be selected, and the application software can be upgraded through USB disk.
4. Factory parameter setting and recovery function can preset 99 sets of product parameters to realize the requirements of multi-parameter program.  
5. The weighing hopper can be set to discharge the materials successively to effectively prevent material blockage.   
6. It has the function of weighing and counting, which can meet diversified demands of customers, by this function, you will know how many packages beef jerky you have made, and don’ t need people to count.
7. Real-time display of each amplitude and weight of each weighing hopper can better monitor the working state of the machine.  
8. All stainless steel 304, 316 body surface material (optional), dust and waterproof design IP65.   9. The cleaning function can make the hopper open to facilitate daily cleaning and maintenance.  
10. Modular design of control system, convenient and quick maintenance of equipment, low cost.  
11. Designed for small weight particle materials, the combination precision is high and the speed is fast.
By using packing machine for beef jerky, you will know how to package beef jerky for sale easily, if you have any question, please contact us for free, we will be happy to serve for you.

Packing Machine For Beef Jerky


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