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What Is Beef Jerky Packaging Requirements?

By:Sherry         Date:June-20-18

We all know that beef jerky is very popular food, and there are different package in the market, but because people pay more and more attention to food safety, so the beef jerky manufacturers also proposed more and more requirement when packaging beef jerky.
1. First, the choice of beef jerky packaging machine. When you packaging beef jerky, you need to use special packaging machine, and the material of the packaging machine is best stainless steel, which can not only ensure the raw material hygiene, but also avoid secondary pollution. If the packaging machine is not made entirely of stainless steel, the part in contact with the raw material must be stainless steel.
2. Safety: the requirements of beef jerky packaging is high, so the packaging materials should not contain harmful substances to human body; In terms of packaging design technology, the processed food should be kept as constant as possible in nutrition, color and taste. So that consumers will not be harmed in the process of opening and eating.
3. Add date printing and other related equipment, let the customer know the production date.
4. Ensure that the packaging environment is clean and hygienic, the staff need to wear overalls and hats.
5. Packaging strength: the beef jerky after packaging, may need to storage, stack, transport, handle, and other process, so the bag can resist all kinds of destructive power of the outside world, such as pressure, impact and vibration, etc.
6. Due to the direct sunlight, humidity and other environment will affect the taste of beef jerky, so when choosing packaging materials, attention should be paid to heat resistance, light-avoiding, moisturizing and so on.
These are just some of the requirements for beef jerky packaging, if you want to start a beef jerky packaging business, please contact us for free:
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