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How To Package And Sell Beef Jerky?

By:Sherry         Date:August-24-18

How to package and sell beef jerky? when you start a beef jerky business, you have to think about it. Now let's analyze the two problems separately.
Beef Jerky Packaging

How to package beef jerky?when you pack the beef jerky for business, you need a beef jerky packaging machine first, the machine will help you pack beef jerky. And we can provide you this machine with factory price.

Several hoppers of the multi-function ten-head scale combined into the target weight can be set as the blanking sequence, effectively solve the problem of material blockage, and you can store 100 sets of parameter settings, achieve multiple material requirements. And during the operation of the machine, each amplitude can be independently adjusted to make the feeding more uniform.
Machine features:
1. The unified design standard makes each part more interchangeable.
2. Several hops which are combined into the target weight can be set as feeding in sequence, which can effectively solve the problem of material blockage.
3. The combination of high precision and high speed perfectly selects the suitable combination from the rich combination in an instant through CPU calculation.

Beef Jerky Packaging Machine
How to sell beef jerky? Before you sell jerky, you need to choose a suitable location. This place must have a large flow of people, because the more people, the larger the purchase. Then you'd better rent a shop, which will be more convenient for sales. If you sell a lot, you need to hire people to help you sell.
After our introduction, you may know how to package and sell beef jerky, if you have any question, please feel free contact us.


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