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What Is Cement Packing Process?

By:Sherry         Date:August-20-18

Do you know what is cement packing process? Generally, the cement packing process is not complicated. Firstly, the cement material of the silo enters the material discharging body of the packaging machine. While manually putting the bag, the machine switches on and off to transmit the starting signal to the microcomputer. At this time, the electromagnetic valve will start, the cylinder will start working and open the material discharging mouth. At this time, the high-speed impeller continuously loads cement materials into the woven bag from the discharge nozzle. When the bag weight reaches the set value, the sensor transmits the signal to the microcomputer. The electromagnetic valve starts the cylinder through microcomputer control, closes the discharge nozzle and ends the filling.
The above is the cement packing process, which can be done by machine. Rotary cement packing machine is a very high degree of automation equipment, can automatically complete a series of packaging processes. The whole cement packing process is controlled by electrical system. Except for manual bagging, the opening and closing of the cement bag pressing bag and the discharge nozzle, the filling bag, weighing and measurement, automatic bag dropping and other functions can be completed automatically. This reduces mechanical failure and ensures efficient operation of packaging equipment.
Features Of Cement Packing Machine
1. The machine has a wide adaptive surface, and the powder and granular materials with good flow performance can be packaged by this packaging machine. For example, cement.
2. Simple maintenance, wear resistance of parts and long service life of the machine.
3. The machine is basically automated, filling, measuring and bagging are automatically and continuously completed.
4.The machine can realize that no bags will not be filled, and the bag weight will not stop filling until the nominal value. When the bag falls off unexpectedly, the machine will immediately shut down and stop filling, which will not cause waste of raw materials.
5. The working environment is clean and environment-friendly, which will not produce large dust in the process of machine operation.
Have you learned about the cement packing process? The cement is packed clean and quickly by machine. Our company produces cement packing machine. If you need this machine or are interested in it, please contact us immediately. We will provide you with more detailed introduction.

Cement Packing Machine


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