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How Are Ketchup Packets Made?

By:Sherry         Date:July-25-18

How are ketchup packets made? Do you like ketchup? I know a lot of people who eat sandwiches, or french fries, like to use ketchup to flavor them. And a lot of people like to put ketchup in the cook, or they put ketchup in the soup. It has to be said that ketchup is widely used in our daily life, and it is really delicious. But do you know how to make ketchup packets? As a matter of fact, I have my own doubts. But lately I know the answer.
How are ketchup packets made? Tomato paste packing machine will tell you the answer. Ketchup is delicious, but it's really inconvenient to carry without packaging. Ketchup is a thick liquid, and if we don't pack it for sale, we probably won't be able to eat it. Our machines have been developed and produced for this purpose. This machines are perfect for packaging ketchup, which is easier to transport, store and eat. The machines sell well both at home and abroad and are loved by our customers. Ketchup packing machine are of high quality and have various functions, suitable for factory production line or individual use.
1.The filling speed can be adjusted. The running speed of the machine can be adjusted. The operator can adjust the filling speed of the machine by adjusting the pressure of the cylinder.
2.The machine is made of imported 304 stainless steel materials. The materials have good corrosion resistance, which can not only ensure the cleanliness and health of the products, but also greatly extend the service life of the machine, which is in line with food production standards.
3.The parts of the machine are all imported parts, which can guarantee the running speed and service life of the machine.
4.The machine can be used in combination with all kinds of production equipment.
5.This machine is equipped with color system controller, which can easily obtain the company's trademark and has good anti-counterfeiting effect.
6.Drip proof system. The machine is equipped with anti-drip system, which can effectively reduce product waste and save production cost.
7.The machine is suitable for all kinds of packaging materials. The packaging materials of the machine can be changed by adjusting the relevant parameters of the machine.
8. PLC control system. The machine's PLC control system is equipped with Chinese and English touch screen display. The operator can operate the filling process directly on the touch screen and monitor the production process at any time.
9.The machine is equipped with color system controller, which can easily obtain the company's trademark and has good anti-counterfeiting effect.
Would you like to make a ketchup packet? It's so easy for our machine. Contact us, we will provide you with the perfect machine, our machine can meet your needs. All our staff are looking forward to your inquiry.
Ketchup Packing Machine


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