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Custom Beef Jerky Packaging Machine

By:Sherry         Date:July-26-18

Do you want to start a beef jerky business? Do you want to buy a beef jerky packing machine but can’t find which is suitable? Maybe you need a custom beef jerky packaging machine? Tell us your requirement, we have professional designers who can provide you with custom beef jerky packaging machine that meet your specific needs.
Custom Beef Jerky Packaging Machine

Our company is a manufacturer of automatic beef jerky packaging machine. The company has been established for nearly ten years, and has made proud achievements in the field of packaging machinery. In the past ten years, our machines have been selling well both at home and abroad. Every customer has their own requirements for packaging products. We can provide custom beef jerky packaging machine according to customers' requirements. The customers who use our products know that our machines with good quality and the prices are reasonable. As long as you tell us your requirements, we can provide you with high quality packing machines and competitive prices.
Features of beef jerky packing machine:
1. This machine is an automatic packing machine, which can automatically complete a series of tasks, including weighing, bag making, sealing, etc.
2. All the systems of the machine are controlled by the computer, which can greatly reduce the influence of the operator on the product.
3. The packing is in good condition. When the machine is running, the noise is small and the sealing performance is good. It is suitable for large-scale use in the factory and improves the production efficiency.
4. The machine is equipped with color control system, which can easily obtain complete trademark design. When you use this machine, as long as you upload the company's trademark on the system, the system can automatically print out the color trademark, with good anti-counterfeiting effect.
5. Perfect security system. To avoid injury to the operator, the machine uses a safe plastic box on the rotating blade to ensure the safety of the operator.
6. Adopt fixed stepper motor controller. The use of the controller makes the operation more accurate, convenient and fast, which can greatly save the production time.
7. Advanced temperature controller. The temperature controller can realize intelligent temperature control and make the temperature more accurate.
8. This machine adopts bilingual display screen control system to make the operation process of the machine more controllable and clearer.
Custom beef jerky packaging machine is service we provide for our customers. It is oriented to the needs of customers and can better meet the needs of customers. We have an experienced team of designers who can design machines that best meet the needs of their customers. If you also want a custom beef jerky packaging machine, please contact us and we will try our best to make you satisfied.


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