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What Is Coffee Packaging Process?

By:Sherry         Date:June-21-19

The instant coffee powder we drink always packed in a small bag, but do you know what is the coffee packaging process?The main coffee packaging process is bag forming, powder feeding, sealing, output.
Now let's explain the coffee packaging process in detail:
The film of the reel placed on the supporting device bypasses the guide roller set and the tensioning device, after the position of the trademark pattern on the packaging material is detected by the photoelectric detection control device, a film cylinder is rolled by a shaper and wrapped on the surface of the filling tube.
First, longitudinal heat sealing is carried out on the interface film rolled into a cylinder with longitudinal heat sealing device to obtain the sealing tube, and then the tubular film moves to the transverse heat sealing device for transverse sealing to form the packaging bag. The measuring device fills the measured coffee into the packaging bag through the upper filling tube, and then by the transverse heat sealer to heat seal and cut off in the center, forming the packaging bag unit body, and at the same time forming the bottom seal of the next packaging bag.


The characteristics of the coffee packaging machine used in the coffee packaging process are that the feeding cylinder is set on the inside of the bag-making device, and the bag-making and filling materials are carried out from top to bottom in the vertical direction. It is mainly composed of metering device, transmission system, transverse and longitudinal sealing device, molding device, filling pipe and membrane pulling and conveying mechanism.
The machine consists of PLC, servo motor, touch screen drive control core, maximize the control accuracy of the machine, speed range, reliability and intelligent degree, simplified mechanical transmission system, and significantly reduce the incidence of mechanical noise and failure, while making the operation of the whole machine easy to use.
 Coffee Packaging Process
And this machine can be used for different kinds of powder, such as starch, milk powder, chili powder, spice powder, etc. If you are not sure whether this machine is suitable for your material, please contact us.
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