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Basic Principle of Bottle Filling Machine

By:Sherry         Date:June-13-19

What is the basic principle of bottle filling machine? In fact, different types of bottle filling machine with different principle.
Basic principle of hot bottle filling machine:
The hot filling machine is used to fill the lubricating oil to ensure that the filling temperature is around 85 degrees. The liquid that has not reached the specified filling temperature will be returned to the hot and cold tank, and the filling will be carried out after the temperature is reached to ensure complete sterilization of the lubricating oil.
 Bottle Filling Machine
Basic principle of isobaric bottle filling machine:
Often used in carbonated beverages, the reservoir and the bottle maintain a positive pressure, and the filling valve is opened for positive pressure to ensure that the carbon dioxide is fully dissolved and the filling does not foam.
Basic principle of negative pressure bottle filling machine:
It is used to fill liquids with a viscous liquid such as honey, and the liquid is continuously sucked into the bottle by vacuuming the bottle. Don't mistake it for no pressure, but there is also a positive pressure. Compared with gas-filled liquid filling machines, one is inhaling and the other is inflating.

The working process of the bottle filling machine is: The bottles are separated by the dial wheel and fed into the flushing part by the rotating star wheel bottle mouth. After a specific trajectory, the bottle is turned 180 degrees, the bottle mouth is facing down, pure water is washed. The drained bottle is again flipped 180 degrees through a specific trajectory with the bottle mouth facing up. After the star wheel is fed into the filling part, the filling is started, and after the filling is completed, the cap is screwed, that is, the filling process is completed.


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