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Coffee Packaging Equipment For Sale

By:Sherry         Date:March-02-18

Coffee packaging equipment for sale
Coffee powder packaging machine
is one of the more advanced packaging models in the packaging machinery , it is designed based on the characteristics of the coffee, simple and practical, can solve the problem that easy to float powder in the coffee packaging process, its packaging quality and appearance can fully meet the requirements of enterprises, to meet the pursuit of consumers.
Coffee packaging equipment with following characteristics:
1. Stepless speed regulation, according to the different packaging objects, you can adjust the speed of different packaging.
2. The coffee packing machine use swinging head, high speed, sealing using roll-type sealing, seal firmly solid, heating method using heating pipe, good packaging quality, high efficiency.
3. The machine does not have a phenomenon of different steps.
4. The method of adjusting and replacing the moulding is simple and quick.
5. The noise of the machine complies with the standards set by the state.
Coffee powder packaging machine advantage:
1.Machine-packaged coffee bags is more beautiful than handmade packaging , improve the product image of the enterprise.
2. The efficiency is high, the machine packing speed is quicker than the artificial packing.
3. Good packaging can reduce transport costs.
4. By using coffee packing machines to reduce the cost of labor input.
Coffee packaging equipment for sale,if you interested,please contact:


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