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Automatic Weighing And Packaging Machine Pdf

By:Sherry         Date:April-02-18

automatic weighing and packing machine
Many customers have asked us to send automatic weighing and packaging machine pdf to them, but in order to give customers a more intuitive understanding of our machines, we always send customers automatic and packaging machine video,so that our customer can know more details about the machine.
Advantage of weighing and packaging machine:
1. Multi-position automatic packing machine, instead of manual packaging, achieve the packaging automation for each enterprise , the machine contact with the material and packaging bags use stainless steel or other food hygiene requirements of material processing, to ensure food hygiene and safety, in line with food hygiene standards.
2. This machine uses the stable cam mechanical transmission technology, causes the equipment to run stably, the failure rate is low, the energy consumption is low.At the same time, the machine adopts high-end circuit structure to realize electromechanical integration, easy to operate.
3. All controls are implemented by automated software systems, facilitating functional adjustment and technology upgrades. The use of Inverter stepless speed regulation, the main motor, PLC, inverter, sensors, relays, contactors, pneumatic components are well-known brands.
4. The weighing packaging machine Implementation of automatic detection, information feedback and other functions.In the production operation, if there is no packaging material or incomplete packaging, the machine will automatically stop, saving packaging materials and raw materials to ensure the environment of the packaging site.    
5. Packaging bag to adapt to a wide range,single-layer PE, PE composite materials, CPP composite materials, aluminum foil and other materials such as multi-layer composite membrane made of prefabricated bags, paper bags can be packaged.
6. Machine operation noise: the noise of the equipment running is within 70db (outside 1m range).
7. The equipment seal uses the constant temperature seal.
8. The packing machine controls the metering scale to release the material movement, does not waste the material.
9. The equipment choose suitable stainless steel delivers the hopper according to the bag shape size, the replacement is convenient.
10. The automatic weighing and packing machine is equipped with vibrating device to ensure that the sealing material is not produced during the packaging process.
11. The packing machine is equipped with safety protection door, which is made of transparent plexiglass.
If you have any question about the automatic weighing and packing machine,please contact us for free.


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