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Industrial Bottle Filling Machine

By:Sherry         Date:April-03-18

industrial bottle filling machine

Product Introduction:
Industrial bottle filling machine is used for filling mineral water, pure water and other drink (can also be improved according to customer needs,filling carbonated drinks). The processing line can complete flushing, filling, capping, labeling in one, thereby shortening the contact time between materials and the outside, improve sanitary conditions, suitable for a variety of models.
Bottle filling machine features:
1. The bottle is fed conveniently to ensure the reliability of the bottle operation.
2. The filling system use the block bottleneck entering the bottle technology, avoids the bottle-mouth second pollution, for different diameters of the bottle, only need to replace the nylon positioning of the tile; for different heights of the bottle, only need to adjust the height of the conveyor chain.
3. Unique design of stainless steel bottle clamp, solid and durable, clamp does not touch the bottle neck thread to avoid second pollution.
4. Filling mode is a micro-negative pressure filling, filling speed, and can accurately control the filling position.
5. After capping, the spiral down output bottle, the different shape of the bottle does not need to adjust the height of the conveyor chain.
6. The main engine uses the PLC automatic control technology, the major electrical equipment uses the well-known brand.
Longer machinery was founded in 2010, we focus on the development of packaging machinery, production and sales. Over the past few years we have focused on sales and service in the domestic and foreign markets, and worked with customers from more than 30 countries. Customers grow with us, they are not only our business partners but also our development supporters. By virtue of our years of production and operation, we believe that our bottle filling machine will be more and more good, the company will grow stronger.
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