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What Is Automatic Coffee Powder Packing Machine Price?

By:Sherry         Date:May-21-18

I need the automatic coffee powder packing machine price, please tell me. Many customer send the automatic coffee powder packing machine picture and ask for the price.But because different bag size with different machine model and price, so we have to know your final product size, then introduce you a suitable model and send you an accurate price. But for some customers,after we send the quotation,they said the coffee packaging machine price is high, but why?our coffee packing machine with factory price,and the quality of our machine is also high.
The automatic coffee powder packing machine with double-screw metering machine, can be mainly used for powder products. such as: flour, milk powder, glucose powder, ice cream powder, curry powder, washing powder, etc.
Characteristics of coffee packing machine:
1. Automatic coffee packing machine can adjust the packing capacity at any time during the operation of the machine, reduce material loss and improve work efficiency. And the taste of coffee will not be damaged in the process of packing.
2. Computer control, high bag-making precision, packaging size error less than 1mm.
4. Heat seal dual-circuit control temperature, intelligent temperature control, good heat balance, to ensure sealing quality, applicable to a variety of packaging materials.
5. Intelligent photoelectric color tag positioning control system.

Automatic coffee packing machine technical parameters:
Packing Speed: 18-65 bags/min, can customize according to customer’s service.
Bag making size: L: 40-320mm, W: 40-220mm
Sealing method: Three-edge seal or four edges seal
We all know that the taste of coffee is very important, so good coffee packaging machine can ensure the quality of coffee, otherwise it will affect the quality of coffee and taste. So when you plan to buy a coffee packing machine, the most important is not the automatic coffee powder packing machine price, but the quality of the machine.

Coffee Powder Packing Machine Price


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