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Cigarette Pack Wrapping Machine For Sale

By:Sherry         Date:March-01-18

Cigarette pack wrapping machine for sale
The cigarette pack wrapping machine needs manual package, heat seal, cylinder push box, folding, sealing, complete packaging. Because the box wrapping machine only needs local heat seal, it will not affect the raw material.
Features of cigarette box wrapping machine:
1. Packaged cigarette case with waterproof, moisture-proof, pollution-proof function.
2. Instant sealing, hot sealing position does not exist, there are no effect for the drug, heat-sensitive products have no effect.
3. The electric control system takes the PLC as the center, guarantees the equipment to run stably reliable.
4. With the characteristics of humanization and intelligence, the use, operation, maintenance are simpler.
5. The replacement of a small number of components can be packaged in different sizes (long, wide, high) box-type packaging.
6. The cigarette box wrapping machine has semi-automatic and fully automatic, can be purchased according to customer demand.
7. The replacement of the mold without adjusting the machine on both sides of the table surface height, do not need to disassemble the chain, the traditional machine four hours to replace the mold time to 30 minutes.

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