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LG Automatic Powder Packing Machine
Glucose Powder Packing Machine

Screw Rod Automatic Glucose Powder Packing Machine Manufacturers

Moq:1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 200 sets/ month
Loading Port: Shanghai/ Qingdao Port
Description:The screw rod automatic glucose powder packing machine is suitable for packing powder and small particles, such as powder, small granules medicine, veterinary medicine, glucose, seasoning, etc.

Features The screw rod automatic glucose powder packing machine is suitable for packing powder and small particles, such as powder, small granules medicine, veterinary medicine, glucose, seasoning, etc.
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Glucose Powder Packing Machine Features:
1. This automatic powder packing machine adopts screw filling machine, servo positioning system, touch screen display, PLC control, packing accuracy and speed are improved. Suitable for packing all kinds of powder and superfine powder.
2. Mainly by the feeder components, material boxes, body, electrical control part of the composition (sealing machine according to customer demand selection)
3. Independent weighing bucket weighing, not easily affected by the outside world, work faster.
4. Feeder in the work will be based on the proportion of the material to adjust itself to achieve higher accuracy and faster.
5. The work is more stable, the sensitivity is higher.
6. The appearance of the glucose powder packing machine is made of stainless steel except the motor.
7. The servo motor or step motor drive screw has the advantages of not easy wear, accurate positioning, adjustable speed, stable performance and so on.
8. The automatic powder packing machine controlled by PLC, it has the advantages of stable operation, anti-interference and high weighing accuracy.
9. Add centrifugal device to flow good material outlet, guarantee accuracy.
10. For the multi-dust material outlet, dust absorption device can be installed to absorb the backblast dust.
11. For customers who require very high filling accuracy and large filling volume, the weighing device can be added.
 Automatic Glucose Powder Packing Machine
As a powder packing machine manufacturer, we focus on r&d, design, production and marketing,our automatic powder packing machines are exported to more than 30 foreign countries. The company is located in Zhengzhou, Henan, China, relying on developed and convenient urban transportation, is committed to develop into a well-known packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on site management, quality control and service follow-up. Through the unremitting efforts of the production and marketing team, the company is expanding its business and improving its brand competitiveness. If you have any demand of the automatic powder packing machine, please contact us for free.
Technical Data
Model LG-GFS  (high-level configuration)
Packing weight 5-5000g    
(The screw rod need be changed depending different packing weight)
Packing accuracy <±1%
Packing speed 1500-3000bags/h
Accuracy class 1.0
voltage 380V 50HZ
power 700W
weight 350kg
size 1100*700*1950mm



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