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low cost powder filling machine
powder filling and sealing machine

Low Cost Powder Filling and Sealing Machine

Moq:1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 200 sets/ month
Loading Port: Shanghai/ Qingdao Port

Features This powder filling and sealing machine is an economical automatic filling machine, can complete automatic bottle positioning, filling and metering work. The machine consists of a filling head, a chain conveyor belt and a positioning device. Using servo (or stepping) motor drive, PLC and touch screen control, easy operation and high stability. And the powder filling and sealing machine can be combined with bottle sorting, capping, labeling machine, etc. to form an automatic filling line. It is suitable for packaging powder and very small particle materials, such as milk powde, veterinary drug, glucose powder, spice, carbon powder, talcum powder, etc.
Powder filling and sealing machine constitute
Low Cost Powder Filling Machine Features:
① Except for the motor, the rest are made of stainless steel; the combined transparent material box can be easily removed and washed without tools.
② The low cost powder filling machine uses a servo (or stepping) motor to drive the screw, which is not easy to wear, accurate positioning, settable speed, and stable performance.
③ Using PLC control, it has the advantages of stable work, anti-interference, and high weighing accuracy.
④ The English touch screen clearly displays the working status, operation instructions, fault status and production statistics, etc., and the operation is simple and intuitive.
⑤ Various product adjustment parameter formulas can be stored, up to 10 formulas can be stored.
⑥ Replacing the screw attachment can adapt to a variety of materials from ultra-fine powder to small particles.
⑦ For the dusty material outlet, a dust suction device can be installed to suck up the anti-spray dust.

The Main Technical Parameters of Powder Filling and Sealing Machine:
☆ Packaging materials that can be used: bottles, bags (bags need to be bagged manually)
☆ Filling speed: This machine is a small powder filling machine, the filling speed is about 25-50 bottles/min
☆ Packing weight range: 5-5000g
☆ The parts in contact with materials are made of 304 stainless steel, with high corrosion resistance.
Technical Data
Model LG-GFS  (high-level configuration)
Packing weight 5-5000g    
(The screw rod need be changed depending different packing weight)
Packing accuracy <±1%
Packing speed 1500-3000bags/h
Accuracy class 1.0
voltage 380V 50HZ
power 700W
weight 350kg
size 1100*700*1950mm



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