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Wheat Flour Packing Machine

Semi Automatic Wheat Flour Packing Machine For Sale

Moq:1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 200 sets/ month
Loading Port: Qingdao/Shanghai Port
Description:The semi automatic flour packing machine is a new type of packaging equipment developed by taking advantage of the high precision and fast speed.

Features The semi automatic flour packing machine is a new type of packaging equipment developed by taking advantage of the high precision and fast speed. This wheat flour packing machine is widely used for powder packaging in food and chemical industry. Such as: starch, premix, additives, spices, enzymes,coffee powder, rice flour, milk powder, etc.
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Semi Automatic Flour Packing Machine Features:
1. The packaging machine is suitable for the quantitative packaging of various packaging containers such as bags and cans.
2. The wheat flour packing machine is controlled by a single chip microcomputer and has the functions of automatic quantification, automatic filling and automatic adjustment of measurement error.
3. The machine has high speed and high precision with screw cutting, stepper motor and electronic weighing technology.
4. Wide range of packaging: with the same packaging machine, the feeding screw of different specifications can be adjusted continuously within 5-5000g by pressing the button of electronic scale.
5. The semi automatic flour packing machine with wide application: A certain fluidity of powder material can be used for packaging.
6. Reasonable design, simple structure, with density tracking, weight feedback, automatic error correction, counting, error alarm.
7. Complete isolation of strong and weak electricity: effectively avoid strong electrical interference, further enhance the stability of the system, and effectively improve the service life of the whole machine.
8. The parts in contact with the materials are made of stainless steel anti-corrosion materials, which do not pollute the materials, meet the requirements of GMP/QS certification, and have the function of environmental protection.
9. The semi automatic flour packing machine uses the photoelectric control technology to ensure the feeding and packaging synchronization, material leakage, packaging bag beautiful, reliable sealing.
Flour Packing Machine Packing Sample

There are different models of flour packing machine for sale in our company, if you have any demand, please send us your requirement, then we will introduce you a suitable model.
Technical Data
Model LG-F01S
Packaging materials powder, flour
Weighing range 1-5000g
Filling accuracy 1% (different materials vary)
Filling speed 30-45 bags / min
Power supply 220v /50-60HZ
Machine size 3000 * 1060 * 2000mm



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