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Auger Type Powder Filling Machine
Semi Automatic Auger Powder Filling Machine

Semi Automatic Auger Type Fruit Powder Filling Machine China

Moq:1 set Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 200 sets/ month
Loading Port: Qingdao/Shanghai Port
Description:The semi-automatic auger powder filling machine is designed according to the national GMP standard.

Features The semi-automatic auger powder filling machine is designed according to the national GMP standard. It has the functions of automatic ration, automatic filling, weight error alarm and automatic adjustment of measurement error. high precision, fast speed, large torque, long life. The auger type powder filling machine with electronic sensor control weighing feedback, no restriction on packaging container, it is suitable for use on occasions where the material variety and packaging weight and specification often change. The fruit powder filling machine with simple and convenient operation; Store up to 10 recipes; Stainless steel and plexiglass combination box, do not need tools can be easily dismantled and washed.
Semi Automatic Auger Powder Filling Machine Scope Of Application:
The fruit powder packing machine is suitable for powder and granular materials with certain fluidity. It is suitable for the quantitative packing of powder in bags, cans and bottles, etc. Such as additives, milk powder, starch, spices, enzyme preparations, baking powder and other powders; quantitative packaging of chicken essence, feed, granular materials.
Auger Powder Filling Machine Video:

Applicable Packaging Materials:
Auger type powder filling machine can use a variety of heat-sealed composite film packaging materials, Its packaging materials can be printed into continuous trademark patterns, or can be printed into a single bag complete trademark pattern with colored subject matter.
Auger Type Powder Filling Machine Features:
This semi-automatic auger powder filling machine is well received by customers in the market. Naturally, it has its advantages. The equipment can improve working efficiency, reduce production cost, measure accurately, package size can be adjusted, finished products clean and neat, dust non-stick, stable performance, long service life, small space, easy to operate and convenient to move.
Fruit Powder Filling Machine Performance Features:
1. The feeding is controlled by microcomputer.
2. Use high-precision electronic feedback measurement and computer control.
3. Automatic quantitative and error automatic alarm correction.

Fruit Powder Packing Sample
Technical Data
Model LGTB-500
Packing Weight 10-5000 gram
Accuracy Level 1.0
Packing Speed 1200-2500 bags/h
Dimension 690*1060*2000mm
Voltage AC380v/50Hz/1.1kw



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