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automatic powder packaging machine
food powder packing machine

Automatic Food Powder Packing Machine Vertical Type

Moq:1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 200 sets/ month
Loading Port: Qingdao/Shanghai Port

Features Automatic powder packaging mac hine is widely used in the packaging process of food. It not only frees enterprises from complicated production processes, but also improves production efficiency. This saves time and operating costs. But what products can the powder packing machine handle?
1. Food and beverage industry: coffee powder, milk powder, starch, powdered sugar, flour, chocolate powder, chili powder, condiments, additives, protein powder;
2. Chemical industry: pesticides, detergents, washing powders, powder coatings;
3. Cosmetics industry: baby powder, cosmetic.
 Food powder packing samples
What Benefits Can the Automatic Powder Packaging Machine Bring to You?
Cost-effective production: Reduce labor costs, eliminate human errors in the process, and efficiently meet your production needs.
Enhance brand value: with the help of flexible packaging, various product designs can be produced more easily, allowing your brand to be paid attention to by consumers.
Extend product shelf life: The food powder packing machine is important to maintain the freshness of the product, which in turn extends the shelf life of the food.
Food Powder Packing Machine Features:

1. Using English LCD, the operation instructions are clear at a glance. The menu - based operation interface is simple and convenient.
2. Using CPU centralized control system, intelligent photoelectric positioning, strong anti-interference ability, continuous two bags of abnormality of the cursor will stop the alarm.
3. Has the positioning stop function, with the color label packaging material, if the packaging material is finished, the machine automatically stops.
4. The powder packing machine is compatible with all customers' different forms of composite packaging materials, the operation is simpler and more complete.

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Technical Data
Model LG61BF
Total Power 1.4KW/220V 50Hz 1phase
Measure Range 1-100grams
Packing Speed 30-60bags/minute
Bag Size Marking L: 30-170mm, W: 30-130mm
Packing Film Thickness 0.03-0.07mm
Gross Weight 400kg
Outsize Dimensions 900*1100*1590 (mm)



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