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automatic soap packing machine
single soap packaging machine

Automatic Single Soap Packing Machine

Moq:1 set Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 100sets/month
Loading Port: Qingdao/Shanghai Port

Features For soap manufacturers, this automatic soap packing machine is a good assistant for improving packing speed and packaging effect. This machine with following advantages:
1. Wide applicability
Applicable product diversity, including food, medicine, daily necessities, hardware products, toys, etc. The length of the wrapping paper can be adjusted arbitrarily, one machine has multiple functions, and the applicability is very wide.
2. Easy to operate
The intelligent color touch screen, the parameter display is more intuitive, the man-machine interface, it is more convenient to modify the parameters, and is convenient for operation and maintenance.
3. High degree of automation
The packing line can be customized according to the requirements of the enterprise. The feeding, bag making, filling, and sealing are all completed on one machine. It is used together with a date printer and inflation device. It is fully automated, fast and efficient.
4. The control system is more stable
This single soap packing machine adopts an independent temperature control system, which can be applied to various packaging materials; Siemens control elements, optical fiber electric eye, mechanical performance is more stable, detection is more accurate, and the sealing effect is more beautiful.
5. Automatic detection device
When a failure occurs, it will automatically alarm and the failure display is clear. When there is an empty package, it will be automatically shut down and rejected without sealing and cutting, so as to avoid the waste of packaging film.
6. Fast packaging speed and high efficiency
The average speed of the automatic soap packing machine can reach 200 bags/min, which improves the output and production technology of the enterprise, improves the quality of the product, and reduces the labor cost and operating cost of the enterprise.
7. All software control
All systems are controlled by software, which can adjust the functions and upgrade the technology in a timely manner according to the needs of the market to improve the functions of the soap packing machine

How Does Soap Packing Machine Work?
Technical Data
Model LG-450
Film Width Max. 450mm
Bag length 120-280mm
Bag width 60-200mm
Bag height Max.60mm
Film Diameter Max. 320mm
Packing speed 40~230 bags/min
Power supply 110V/60 H Z,2.4 KW
Machine size (L)4020X(W)720X(H)1320mm
Machine weight 900Kg



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