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wafer biscuit packing machine
chocolate wafer packing machine

Automatic Chocolate Wafer Biscuit Packing Machine

Moq:1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 200 sets/ month
Loading Port: Qingdao/Shanghai Port

Features According to the fragility of wafer, we designed and manufactured this model, while improving the packing speed, it also ensures the integrity of the wafer. This wafer packing machine is also suitable for the packaging of biscuits, cookies and other food.

Wafer Packing Machine Features:
1. The machine is controlled by a servo motor with high accuracy. It can be completed simply by setting data when changing product specifications.
2. Intelligent parameter setting function to reduce the number of stops and failures, let workers complete more product packaging at the same time.
3. By the servo fiber induction, automatic identification of the material length for bag making, bag cutting.
4. When there is no material, do not send packaging film, saving more packaging materials.
5. The wafer biscuit packing machine has the function of automatic display system failure. When the machine fails, the system directly shows the cause of failure and maintenance steps, and timely troubleshooting. Maintenance is simpler and more convenient.
6. This chocolate wafer packing machine using the original single servo or double servo motor control, more intelligent, more accurate packaging, wider adjustable range, more accurate control and better stability.
Wafer biscuit packing machine details
Automatic Wafer Packing Machine Application:
☆ Food processing industry: bread, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, candy, etc.
☆ Cosmetic industry: soap, wet wipes, toothbrush, etc.
☆ Pharmaceutical industry: gauze bandages, syringes, etc.
☆ Agricultural industry: fruit and vegetables.
Wafer packing machine application
Consideration when Buying Wafer Packing Machine:
❤ Consider a manufacturer’s reputation.
❤ Ask about warranty and services.
❤ Be a value shopper – not a price shopper.
❤ Trust your instincts.
Technical Data
(Model) LG-280
Width Of Packing Film Max.280mm
Length Of Bags 90- or 150-330mm
Width Of Bag 50-140mm
Product Height Max.40mm
Film Roll Diameter Max.280mm
Packaging Speed 50-250bag/min
Voltage Specification 220V/50HZ
Power Source Specification 2.5kw
Machine Dimensions (L)4000×(W)950×(H)1450mm
Machine Weight 650Kg
Note Can match inflatable,code device



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