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DVD Cellophane Wrapping Machine
Perfume Cellophane Wrapping Machine
Cellophane Wrapping Machine for Perfume

Easy CD&DVD Cellophane Wrapping Machine with Tear Tape

Moq:1 set Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 100sets/month
Loading Port: Qingdao/Shanghai Port

Features This fully automatic cellophane wrapping machine is specially designed for CD and DVD, speed up to 230 pieces/min, this is a simple but fully functional wrapping machine, the compact design makes it very popular. It is widely used in the game and videocassette industry.
 cd wrapping machine application
The dvd cellophane wrapping machine supplies the packaged items from the conveyor belt, and completes the inner packaging of the packaged items by a series of mechanisms such as film output, film cutting, folding and sealing, shaping, and discharging. After the two sides are folded, heat-sealing is used to bond to achieve a sealing, moisture-proof, and beautifully decorated packaging effect.
CD Wrapping Machine Features:
Feeding device: It is composed of a tray, a conveyor belt and a storage bin, which is an intermittent feeding device.
Frequency: This cd wrapping machine adopts frequency conversion speed control device, which can change the packaging speed according to different work requirements.
Adjustable packaging size: When the size of the boxes changes, only the mold needs to be replaced and appropriate adjustments can be made.
Scope of application: Widely used in medicines, health products, nutritional supplements, food, daily cosmetics, stationery, etc.
With tear tape: The tear tape on the packaging film can be printed with various colors of corporate logo or name, and can be equipped with anti-counterfeiting laser and phosphor (Fluorescence will appear under ultraviolet light), it is one of the very good anti-counterfeiting methods, which is very suitable for the packaging of high-end products.
Dvd cellophane wrapping machine details
Our Advantages:
Professional design: humanized design, ten years of professional customization experience, rich designer experience, professional after-sales team to serve you.
High-quality materials: Compressed with high-quality materials, the dvd cellophane wrapping machine has the characteristics of high hardness and impact resistance.
Fine workmanship: The surface is smooth and flat, bright and beautiful, with ingenious craftsmanship.
Factory direct sales: There is no middleman who earns the price difference, directly provided by the factory.
Estimated delivery: The merchandiser will follow up the whole process, subject to the agreed delivery date. If you have any questions about the machine or learn more about the machine, you can consult and communicate with the engineer.
Device installation: According to the actual situation of the customer’s workshop and the customer’s opinions, the equipment is located on-site and technical training services are provided at the same time. Allows the operator to fully grasp the equipment performance, operating methods, matters needing attention, maintenance and other professional knowledge.
Warranty period: Provide customers with a free one-year warranty period. During the warranty period, we will provide solutions based on customer use and feedback.
Technical Data
Model LG-BTB-300A
Packaging material film and gold tear tape
Packing speed 40~80 boxes/min
Max.package size (L)240*(W)120*(H)60mm
Power 220V 50Hz  5kw
Machine weight 500kg
Machine dimensions (L)2000*(W)700*(H)1400mm



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