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Sold Stick Tea Bag Packing Machine to Singapore

By:Sherry         Date:March-09-18

Stick tea bag packing machine
Today, we will ship the stick tea bag packing machine to Singapore.The stick tea bag packing machine has sold to South Africa,United Kingdom,Sri Lanka,Hungary,etc.The stick tea bag packing machine can not only package tea, but also packaging coffee.
1. This stick tea bag packing machine's packaging bag with a wide range ,multi-layer composite film, paper bags can be used.
2. Change package size quickly, automatic bag making device width can be adjusted by adjusting the data.
3. Machine standard testing device, you can detect the machine in the absence of packaging or bags do not open the case to stop filling equipment, to avoid waste packaging materials and raw materials.
4. Low loss of packaging material.
5. Frequency conversion speed regulation, the machine uses the frequency conversion speed regulation device, the production may according to the actual need in certain scope adjustment. 6. For large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprise to achieve automated packaging, improve production efficiency and reduce costs.


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