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Sold Chin Chin Packaging Machine to Nigeria

By:Sherry         Date:May-30-18

A few days ago, we received an inquiry from a Nigeria customer about the corn chips packing machine. He said that he actually needs a chin chin packaging machine, he has a chin chin manufacturer in Nigeria, he want to pack the chin chin in bag, and then sale in the market. So we introduced him the 320 models, which machine with the following characteristics:

1. Through digital measurement and control, the precision and stability of the packaging are good.
2. In the case of failure, the chin chin packaging machine can stop in time, reduce the loss of material and packaging materials, and can automatically store data to ensure the continuity of production.
3. The chin chin packaging machine is made of stainless steel to ensure that the material is not contaminated during the packing process.
4. The design of the equipment is humanized and convenient for maintenance.
Now we will ship the chin chin packaging machine to Nigeria, we hope our customers can receive it as soon as possible.
Chin Chin Packaging Machine


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