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Working Principle Of Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

By:Sherry         Date:September-14-18

What is the working principle of vertical form fill seal machine? For the people who use the vertical packaging machine for the first time must know the working principle of the machine.
Vertical form fill seal machine in the packaging process, the packaging film passes through the film cylinder to form a tubular shape, seal the side through the longitudinal seal device, meanwhile, the packaging is injected into the bag, the horizontal sealing mechanism shears the packaging length and position according to the color standard photoelectric detection device.
 Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine
Structure composition and working principle of vertical form fill seal machine:
1. Feeding rotary table device

Feeding rotary disc device is composed of hopper, pan and adjustable volume measuring cup. The measuring cup consists of a fixed measuring cup and a movable measuring cup. The lower part of the measuring cup has a rotating floor, there are two fixed pins on the panel below the turntable, when the measuring cup of the rotary table is turned to the position of the molding machine, the pin pushes the base, after the measuring cup is transferred, another pin pulls the base of the measuring cup back to the base of the measuring cup.
2. Packaging the execution system
The packaging execution system of the machine is composed of the packaging film mechanism, molding machine, heat sealing machine and cutting knife.
Packaging film from the roll down the packaging film roll, then make into bag, A pair of paper pullers on the lower front of the machine pulls down a bag for a long distance. The heat packer is used for vertical and horizontal heat sealing of the bag barrel, then the material is put into the bag. When the heat seal is carried out once again , the heat seal packaging is completed, the cutter cuts off the bag from the middle of the sealing part.
 Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine Packing Sample
3. Transmission system
Packaging machine automation is higher, it belongs to automatic packaging machine, it has many actuators, which must coordinate with each other to complete the packaging work. The transmission system of the packaging machine is more complex.
(1) Constant ratio transmission mechanism
A transmission mechanism having a fixed transmission ratio. It adopts gear, belt, chain, worm gear pair, coupling and other transmission mechanisms. The power and movement output from the power source can be transmitted to the relevant actuator as required.
(2) Variable speed device  
Speed changing device includes gear speed changing mechanism, mechanical stepless speed changing mechanism, hydraulic pressure stepless speed changing device, multi-speed motor and so on. This packaging machine uses a stepless variable speed device.
(3) Motion converter
Connecting rod mechanism, CAM mechanism, slotted wheel mechanism, gear rack, screw nut and other devices can guarantee the movement law required by the actuator.
(4) Control gear
Including control start, stop, clutch, braking, speed adjustment, reversing and all kinds of control devices, components and components required for automatic control of movement according to the specified procedures. The state and parameters of the transmission system are changed in different ways.
After our introduction, you may have know the working principle of form fill seal machine, if you have other question, please contact us for free. 


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