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Working Principle of Cement Packing Machine

By:Sherry         Date:November-30-17

Cement packaging machine working principle: silo cement material into the packaging machine out of the hopper shell, by manually inserting the bag at the same time start the switch, the signal to the microcomputer, start solenoid valve, through the cylinder work, open the discharging nozzle, from the high-speed operation of the impeller cement material through the mouth continuous filling and woven bag, when the bag to achieve the set value, The signal is transmitted by the sensor to the microcomputer, the solenoid valve is controlled by the microcomputer to start the cylinder, and the discharging nozzle is closed to the custom filling, and the solenoid valve is absorbed by the signal of the inductor and the pressure bag is used to automatically tilt the bag away.
The whole filling process for the electrical integrated control, in addition to manual bags, cement bag pressure bag, discharge mouth opening, closing, cement pouring bag, weighing metering, automatic drop bag and other functions can be completed automatically. Thus reducing mechanical failure, ensuring the efficient operation of packaging equipment.
working principle of cement packing machine


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