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Semi Automatic Weigh Filler Packaging Machine In India

By:Sherry         Date:May-25-18

Today we sold a particle weighing and packing machine to India, this weigh filler packaging machine can complete automatic measurement, filling, alarm and other work, suitable for packing granular, powder, fragile, puffing granular and irregular change of materials. Such as sugar, salt, washing powder, seeds, rice, feed, coffee, sesame, etc.
The weigh filer packaging machine with following features:
1. Double independent weighing hopper, separate weighing from bag, fast working speed.
2. The feeder can adjust according to the specific weight of materials to achieve higher accuracy and faster speed.
3. Independent single weight sensor makes the work more stable and more sensitive.
4. You can set the time to remember the current number of packages automatically, easily transfer and handover, and feedback the current product pass rate timely.
5. English operation interface, the action time can be set, the operation is more intuitive and convenient.
6. With calibration procedures, with a code, it can be easily calibrated at any time. It effectively solves the problem of weight drift caused by long time non use.
7. Plexiglass door protection, effectively reduce pollution to the workshop.
8. The whole machine is beautiful, and it is convenient to remove the residual material.
Except sold weighing packing machine in India, we also sold to America, Canada, Turkey, Kenya, Morocco and other countries. If you any question about this weigh filler packaging machine, please contact us for free.We are happy to serve you.
Weigh Filler Packaging Machine


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