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Vegetable Seed Packing Machine for Sale

By:Sherry         Date:April-18-18

Vegetable Seed Packing Machine
Generally, vegetable seeds are packed in sealed bags, in order to prevent air from entering the germination. So how do you put seeds in bags? Here we introduce a vegetable seed packing machine.The packing machine is newly researched and developed by a superb technical team, with stable work and strong packaging. Specific features are described below:
The main packaging steps:
First, the seeds that need to be packaged are transported to the hopper, the switch is pressed, and the operation is instructed so that the materials are accurately dropped in the packaging bag, and the carbon steel sealing cutter heat-shrinks the package to close the process.
The machine is a one of automatic particle packaging machines. The machine body is made of stainless steel and intelligent system control to realize fully automatic packaging. The specific functions can be achieved including feeding measurement, filling bag making, printing date, product output and other production processes. The parameters are stable. The efficiency of the packaging is high (the specific speed depends on the size of the bag, you can consult our customer service for free).
Wide range of applications:
In addition to packing vegetable seeds, this packing machine can also pack items with good fluidity. Such as rice, salt, dried beans, sugar products and other. The machine is simple in design, easy to operate and easy to maintain. Suitable for different packaging industries.
If you need more details about the seed packing machine, please contact us for free.


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