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How Does A Vacuum Packing Machine Work?

By:Sherry         Date:January-24-18

how does a vacuum packing machine work
When the vacuum packing machine is working, the bag filled with the material is placed in the vacuum chamber by hand, the bag mouth is placed on the heat sealer, the vacuum chamber lid is closed and compressed, and then the control system works automatically according to the working procedure Vacuum, compressed bag mouth, heater heating seal, cooling, vacuum chamber to lift the vacuum, lift the vacuum chamber cover and a series of actions.
1. According to the need to turn the power switch, connect the power supply, power indicator light.
2. Put the plastic bag containing the items into the vacuum chamber, neatly placed in the bag on the heat seal on the sets of gas nozzle.
3. Depress the machine cover, the panel exhaust indicator light. Vacuum pump began to smoke, the lid will be automatically sucked, vacuum knob can be adjusted according to the level of vacuum packaging requirements, when adjusted, the amplitude should be small.
4. When the exhaust time reaches the set time, that is, to achieve the required degree of vacuum, on behalf of the end of pumping.
5. Pumping is completed, the light goes out, heat seal indicator light, enter the inflatable action.
6. Inflated to the set time, began to enter the sealing process, set the panel heat sealing time, can adapt to different thickness of the packaging material, adjust the heat sealing time, the rotation amplitude to be small, to prevent a sudden increase in heat sealing temperature, Burned heat seal parts.
7. When the heat sealing time, heat sealing light goes out, said the end of heat sealing.


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